Victoria Development Foundation

Victoria Development Foundation was set up by the most entrepreneurial and influential businesspeople in Greater China area. Our foundation nearly 8,000 members include top entrepreneurs, executives, senior government officials, with over 80 percent of students ranking at the vice president level and above. All of our members are our alumnus, their personal wealth altogether more than $50 billion (USD).

Board Main Representatives:
Mr.Wang Shuifu:
Forbes lists him 12th richest person in China in 2010. He was ranking 721 on the World’s Billionaires 2009. Chairman of Xizi United Holding Corporation.
Mr. Gao Dekang:
Chairman of Bosideng International Holdings; Forbes lists him the 6th richest person in China 2010; He was ranking 562 on the World’s billionaires 2009, famous Asian investors in UK.
Zhang Pengfei:
He was ranking 36th richest person in China; Chairman of Modern United Group.
Mr. Liu Hanyuan :
Member of Standing Committee of the CPPCC; Chairman of Tongwei Group, Forbes lists him 4th richest person in China 2009; he was ranking 362 on the World’s Billionaires 2009.
Wang Bang
President and Chairman of Hainan DAYIN Group, its second largest group just after Hainan Airline, richest person in Hainan province.
Yanyu and Yan yong brothers
Yan yu is Chairman; Yan yong is President of XINGYAOWUZHOU group, the group assets more than $20 billion (USD). Yan yong and Yan yu brothers are also the richest in Yunnan province.